Zermatt, Switzerland
Matterhorn ScreenSaver
by ScubaMom and SkiDad
ski run
Matterhorn from Italy
Zermatt village,
Matterhorn morning
For both PC
and MAC
Instructions below:
Download and enjoy a collection of Zermatt & Matterhorn photos.
PC Instructions:
  28 pictures ~ 4 MB
PC Screensaver
If using AOL or Internet Explorer, click on RUN the program.   If using Netscape, download a screen saver to your desktop.  Double click on it to install.     

After installing, a Display Properties/Screensaver box will appear.  Click Preview to view and OK when done.     
A small icon  will be placed on your desktop or tool bar.  Click it to activate your screensaver whenever you want to see it.  
It works with all versions of Windows.

MAC Instructions:
  28 pictures ~ 3 MB
MAC Screensaver
1.  Screen Saver only works for OS X  

2.  Extract and put the folder 'Zermatt Screensaver' in the folder /Library/Screen Savers  

3.  Go to the "Screen Effects" applet in System Preferences and Select 'Zermatt Screensaver'  

4.  Hit the test button for an instant slideshow, and don't forget that you can configure it.

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